We Owe Our Children Their Birthright

Our children’s birthright is their naturally occurring capacity to form authentic, emotionally vibrant relationships. It is our responsiblity to insure they are allowed to grow these capacities. In helping them grow their relational intelligence, we can insure our children become what they are born to be, emotionally connected, joyful and thriving human beings.

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The Emotional Suppression of Boys and Men

Our American culture of male emotional toughness bullies our young sons into hiding their emotional expression.The emotional suppression of boys contributes directly to the epidemic of loneliness faced by 44 million middle aged adults. It contributes to depression, addiction, divorce, violence and early mortality, hurting boys and girls, men and women, equally. Reading lists, articles, videos and more at http://remakingmanhood.com

Posted by Remaking Manhood on Tuesday, August 1, 2017

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