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Mark Greene is an author, speaker, a father and Senior Editor at The Good Men Project. Mark’s articles on masculinity have been shared half a million times on social media with 20 million page views. He has written and spoken about men’s issues at Salon, Shriver Report, Huffington Post, HLN, BBC, and the New York […]

Mark Greene’s Articles on Medium

For This Generation of Men There Will Be No Resolution Traditional Masculinity Isn’t Under Attack Because It Doesn’t Actually Exist The attack on Gillette’s “Integrity” is Actually a Larger Cultural Inoculation The Problem Isn’t “Traditional Masculinity” How the Man Box Poisons Our Sons Equal Pay for Women Should Be a No-Brainer for One Stupidly Obvious […]


Mark Greene works and lives in New York City. email: mark@ThinkPlayPartners.com cell: 646-221-9856 Twitter: @RemakingManhood The Remaking Manhood community on Facebook: http://facebook.com/remakingmanhood

Start a Powerful New Conversation About Masculinity

“Groundbreaking” “…highly recommended for school and college administrators, coaches, counselors, and therapists.”“Perhaps the most important book on masculinity ever.” The Little #MeToo Book for Men Over the course of just seventy-five brief pages, Good Men Project Senior Editor Mark Greene exposes the brutal price that man box culture extracts from men and women world wide. […]


Mark consults to organizations and corporations on diversity and inclusion. His work includes sharing a core set of relational communication capacities that shift team members from the narrower space of roles to the more generative and collaborative space of relationships. “Mark Greene is unique among my activist friends and colleagues in speaking truth to power, […]


Mark speaks on a range of subjects, including moving beyond the bullying machinery of man box culture, which leads to life threatening levels of abuse and social isolation for men, while fostering a culture of violence against women and LGBTQ people. “With deep compassion for men, Greene calls out to our better selves.” – Michael […]


The goal for Mark’s personal and executive coaching work can be summed up in these words from his introduction to The Little #Metoo Book for Men. “If our conversation can reveal even the slightest glimmer of daylight between our dominant culture of masculinity and our own daily choices as men, my hope is we will […]

Workshops: The Little #MeToo Book for Men

Want to start a powerful conversation about masculinity inside your organization? In just seventy five pages, The Little #MeToo Book for Men is an empowering introduction to the relationship based change work men need to do for their families, their communities, their organizations, and their careers. Mark Greene provides speaking and workshops based on his […]

A Manifesto: Relational Intelligence For Our Children

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