Creating a Healthy Masculinity of Connection

“Men and women deserve better than a masculine culture of dominance which churns out broken men.”

Mark Greene @RemakingManhood

Mark Greene writes, speaks, coaches and consults on the challenges we face as men raised in man box culture. He is the author of the groundbreaking The Little #MeToo Book for Men.

As a co-founder of ThinkPlay Partners and as a Senior Editor for the Good Men Project, Greene has spent over a decade as a writer and speaker, deconstructing our binary-riddled dialogues around manhood and masculinity. He is uniquely positioned to help men, individually and in organizations, create a healthier more connecting vision of masculine culture and identity.

The Little #MeToo Book for Men is nothing short of a blueprint for men’s liberation.”
– Caroline Heldman, Executive Director, The Representation Project

Mark Greene joins Jennifer Brown’s The Will to Change to talk about how and why men are working to create a new masculine culture of connection and inclusion.

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Mark consults to organizations and corporations on diversity and inclusion. His work includes sharing a core set of relational communication capacities that shift team members from the narrower space of roles to the more generative and collaborative space of relationships.

“Mark Greene is unique among my activist friends and colleagues in speaking truth to power, but not seeing men and women in opposition.”
– Jed Diamond, Men Alive Now


Mark speaks on #MeToo, man box culture and masculinity at the 2019 Better Man Conference hosted by Moody’s in New York City.

Mark Greene speaks on man box culture and #MeToo for conferences, organization and companies. Mark’s work around masculinity is to help men and women understand man box culture’s impact on masculinity and how we can collectively shift our culture and help heal the gender divide in our personal and professional lives.

“With deep compassion for men, Greene calls out to our better selves.”
– Michael Kasdan


Mark provides personal coaching for men who are struggling with our often conflicted views of modern manhood. He bases his work with clients on this quote from the opening chapter to The Little #Metoo Book for Men. Contact Mark for more information.

“If our conversation can reveal even the slightest glimmer of daylight between our dominant culture of masculinity and our own daily choices as men, my hope is we will find, in that space, a more vibrant and authentic connection to our agency, our power and our humanity.”

Workshops: The Little #MeToo Book for Men

Mark Greene presents the Keynote along with Dr. Robin Smith at the 2019 Men and the #MeToo Movement Conference in Philadephia.

Want to start a powerful conversation about masculinity inside your organization? In just seventy five pages, The Little #MeToo Book for Men is an empowering introduction to the relationship based change work men need to do for their families, their communities, their organizations, and their careers. Mark Greene provides speaking and workshops based on his slim, powerful volume. To see more reviews go here.

“Greene has compiled his thoughts, perspectives, and masculinity research in a manner that would be helpful for anyone that truly wishes to equip boys and men for a better life. Specifically, it’s highly recommended for school and college administrators, coaches, counselors, and therapists.”
-Byron A. Hughes, Ph.D.
Dean of Students
Virginia Tech

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