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I’d like to make one important distinction about our work.  Our book and our site are named Remaking Manhood, not remaking men. Our goal is to remake how we define manhood. Specifically to broaden our definition of what a man is, and broaden it dramatically.

For us, men are not to be remade, just given a wider range of options for how to be true to themselves instead of conforming to narrow, culturally enforced views of masculinity.

In this work, women are crucial. While some women encourage men to broaden their roles in the world, others actively enforce the Man Box definitions of men as emotionally stoic, tough, always confident, providers. To be sure, we need these aspects of men, but not to the exclusion of crucial relationship capacities like empathy, holding uncertainty, caregiving, emotional expression and the ability to hold difference.
As such, we are asking parents to help grow their sons and daughter’s relational capacities. We are asking adults to rethink how they connect in the world.  We ask no less of ourselves. Although the journey challenges us, it is also deeply rewarding.
Human beings are hard wired to connect and cooperate. We just give them the opportunity to learn how.


Good Men Project Senior Editor Mark Greene writes and speaks on men’s issues for the Good Men Project, the New York Times, BBC London, The Shriver Report, Salon, HLN, and The Huffington Post. Visit our media page to hear some of Mark’s interviews.



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