About Mark

Mark Greene speaking at the 2019 Better Man Conference, NYC

Mark Greene writes, speaks, consults, and coaches on relational practices, diversity, equity, inclusion and masculinity for organizations world wide. Mark’s focus is overcoming the challenges men, women, and non-binary people face due to the harmful impact of our domination-based culture of masculinity.

As founder of Remaking Manhood and as a Senior Editor for the Good Men Project, Greene has spent over a decade deconstructing our binary-riddled dialogues around manhood and masculinity.  Mark’s articles on masculinity have been shared half a million times on social media with over twenty million page views. He has written and spoken about men’s issues at Salon, Shriver Report, Huffington Post, HLN, BBC, USA today and the New York Times. He is uniquely positioned to help men, individually and in organizations, create a healthier more connecting vision of masculine culture and identity.

Mark is the author of The Little #MeToo Book for Men, Remaking Manhood, and co-author, along with Dr. Saliha Bava, of the Relational Book for Parenting. Mark’s newest book, co-authored with Dr. Saliha Bava, is The Relational Workplace, due out in the fall of 2022.

Mark is co-host of Remaking Manhood, the Healthy Masculinity Podcast.